Om jag skulle nämna en enda som är värd att följa på Twitter skulle jag säga Ricky Gervais. Under den sista tiden har han svarat och kommenterat hej vilt på religiösa ämnen.

Nu har Huffington Post uppmärksammat Gervais kamp. Det var Gervais själv som återtwittrade(retweeted) Huffingtons post, som gjorde mig uppmärksam på artikeln.De skriver “Forget any awards show squabbles amongst the rich and famous, Ricky Gervais is in the midst of a public argument with some of the most hateful people on the planet.” Huffingon Post har särskilt uppmärksammat ordväxlingar mot en viss GodsWordIsLaw, som (just nu) har drygt 3600 följare.

Nedan har du 12 twitters om religion, revolution och livsådkådning, som jag själv valt ut. Ricky Gervais twittrade dessa mellan 12:e och 22:a december:    


I told Karl that genetically a chimpanzee differs from a human by only 1.4%. Karl thought for a second and said “that’s gotta be the arse”

To all sane Christians. I know you’re not all like these evil fundamentalists. I don’t believe in your God but I believe in your kindness.

@endaf115: why do you only pick on christianity?” I don’t. I don’t believe in ANY god. Unlike all religions I treat all religions equally.

@BobGarrettRadio: what is the definition of “God” that you don’t believe in?” Every one I’ve ever heard so far. Have you got a new one?

@GodsWordIsLaw@rickygervaissays I’m not evil” No I didn’t. I said I’ve found someone MORE evil than you. Sorry. It was fun tho. Cheers.

@kellie70: I know u are an atheist, but please don’t think all Christians think like@GodsWordIsLaw” Ha ha. Of course I don’t

@GodsWordIsLaw: 2000 followers! God’s word is spreading faster than AIDS among the sodomites.” Mentally ill and obsessed with anal sex.

@GodsWordIsLaw: Atheism is poison may God have mercy on your soul before he dropkicks you into HELL.” That’s some good mercy. Ha ha

@DoneckRedDahl@tip66 the tooth fairy isn’t transcendental. God is.” But prove to me the tooth fairy doesn’t exist.

@ShawnGipson: if Jesus loves the little children then why does he let them starve?” Because he wants them all thin in heaven..Duh!

@DJ_Matt_Black@rickygervaisThank god for science” And the cure for the cancer that he gave us in the first place

@Mike_Hanson: what if god created evolution?” Sigh. I remember why I stopped tweeting about religion now. Too depressing

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