Sorry all my Swedish friends, this Girl with the Dragon Tattoo post is a special for an english speaking audience.

On the way to and from work today, I walked past the filming set of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Män som hatar kvinnor, or Men Who Hate Women) on Drottningggatan (Queen Street) and took some pictures, all in a haste should be added. On the way home it was raining and I had a chocolate pastry in a paper bag that fell out and down on the pavement because the paper was broken by rain water. After I finished the session, I bought new and then took the bus home, which took a long, long detour. Drottningggatan is a major thoroughfare and one of the main streets in the student city of Uppsala, the 4th largest city of Sweden.

It’s quite funny, because the Swedish election is in progress. Just on the other side of the set is a square which is the most important meeting place for political activity now. Hollywood goes right into the Swedish zone of politics.

It was interesting to see the filming set. They have changed some part of the facades into an older Swedish style. I can not remember that I even saw a sign saying “milk bar”, not even when I was a kid, but I know that there were such places. It’s all quite nostalgic but also I had a surreal feeling due to the fact that Hollywood invade the city like this, just a few days before the election, and make a small part of Uppsala into an old Swedish city. Possibly the Social Democrats will actually win a few votes on this, because of nostalgia for a nice and somewhat naive “welfare state” of the past.

Working with the film set for "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" in Uppsala. The blue old style sign says "tele service", totally forgot that name. Now the biggest telecom company is "Telia", earlier it was called "telebolaget". "Teletjänst" must have been the company's in ancient, and now forgotten times.

Mjölkbar means "Milk Bar". I don't remember ever having seen that sign, not even as a Kid. Maybe in old Swedish films.

On the right, it says "books". This is actually a book store in reality. To the left, there is a fictional shoe stoe. In reality, this is a disco. I could even see the lights from the dance floor blinking from inside of the place. Weird surreal feeling.

I have never seen a yellow Zebra Crossing in Sweden before. Can someone explain why they paint it yellow? Where the car is in front, well, there you have the spot from the other two pictures.

Well, here you see the other side of the street. The sign on the left says "shoes", but is actually a music club and disco.

Please comment in Swedish or English, whatever you feel for. But I would sincerely like to here what you think about this. Are you longing for to know how it’s gonna look like in David Fincher’s movie?

Dela med dig!
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